Filipino Abstract Artist Jose T. Joya

Jose T. Joya is a famous Filipino artist who was born on 1931 and died on1995. Jose Joya was a Filipino abstract artist and a National Artist of the Philippines awardee.

Jose T. Joya works were strongly influenced by the tropical landscapes of the Philippine Islands. Among his masterpieces are the Nanking (a collage rendered with Asian calligraphy and forms and patterns resembling rice paddies), the Granadean Arabesque (1958) and Venice Biennial (1964).

Jose Joya was a mixed media artist, printmaker, and a former dean of the University of the Philippines' College of Fine Arts. His canvases were characterized by "dynamic spontaneity" and "quick gestures" of action painting. Joya pioneered abstract expressionism in the Philippines. He is the creator of compositions that were described as "vigorous compositions" of heavy impastoes, bold brushstrokes, controlled dips, and diagonal swipes".